Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13 Communications Support for Haiti Earthquake

Many radio operators in the Savannah area continue to monitor and standby for possible communications support for the disaster relief effort in Haiti. I checked into the SATERN Net on 14.265 this afternoon and made myself available for the relay of traffic or phone patches. We continue to retransmit the International Radio Emergency Support Coalition ( Net onto a couple of our local repeaters via the KF4MND and W4SGA Echolink nodes. Thanks to Dan and Jerry for thier help with this. You can also follow our updates on our Coastal Amateur Radio Society Facebook page. We tested the Savannah Red Cross station, K3SRC and the Memorial Medical Center station, K4MUM today. Thanks to Peter-KJ4FAW and David-K4DJD for thier help. Stay tuned for more updates on the comm support of the Haiti disaster relief effort. We may not be directly involved at this time but we are standing by to relay any traffic if needed.

Dan-KF4MND has made contact with officials at Ft. Stewart regarding providing health and welfare communications for as many as a couple hundred soldiers with the 3rd Infantry Division who have family in Haiti. Early stages as the communications in Haiti are in shambles at the moment. Once there are HAMs with equipment in Haiti then we may be called upon assist the soldiers at Fort K4GTM

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