Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mothers Day Tornado in Macon - GA Baptist Disaster Relief


KA4CID said...

Hello K4GTM:
Nice site you have. You may have inspired me to do the same. I like the heavy duty travel case that you have the seems to work well as a "flyaway" kit. I noticed that you had your 2-meter transmitter turned up on the edge on top of the power supply. Was that to facilitate better cooling?

Keep up the nice site. We look forward to seeing your further additions.

K4GTM said...

Thanks KA4CID.
It took me all of about 10 minutes to create the blog. Yes, the hard case seems to work nicely. Really any briefcase would work. I'd like to build a "flyaway" kit that I could have the equipment actually mounted in. Just grab and go. I had the 2-meter rig on it's side becuase the dang speaker is on the bottom!

73, K4GTM