Saturday, March 14, 2009

Technician Class Exam Results

After a four session Technician class, the VEC held a license examination session this morning and I'm happy to say that we have five brand new Technician Class operators in the Savannah area! Congratulations to all. Everyone who took the test today passed with flying colors. All of the new HAMs are already looking forward to taking the General Class course in the next couple of months and upgrading. Looking forwarding to hearing all the new callsigns on the air soon.

Thanks to Volunteer Examiners.....Sue-W4SWJ, Steve-K4SDJ, Mac-AF4KL, and Russ-K4YGD

Passed the Extra Class Exam Today

After some concentrated study over the last several weeks, I passed the Extra Class exam! Boy there sure is alot of material to study with a total of 738 questions in the pool. Plenty of formulas and a lot of math. Much deeper knowledge of electrical and electronic principles, circuit components, and practical circuits is required. My wife will be happy that I won't be bringing my study guide to bed with me tonight! No time to rest though, now it's on to learn Morse Code!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Technician Class Session #4

We held the fourth and final session of our Technician class tonight at Memorial Hospital. We covered subelement #8, Emergency and Public Service Communications, and Subelement #10, Electrical and RF Safety. We then had a Q&A session, a review session, and took a few practice tests. All of the students are doing very well and are ready for the exam on Saturday. Having four classes instead of three proved to be very valuable. The pace we kept was perfect. We covered everything on the test and we were able to devote a bit more time explaining concepts and principles behind all the facts. The Memorial classrooms are awesome with the overhead projector, the whiteboard, and the WiFi Internet Access. The students are already asking for a "Now that we have our license, how do we operate?" session. I'm sure we can put something together soon to help them get on the air. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this class and am already looking forward to the next one. It was great working with Kevin, WD0GFG. And of course I appreciate all of Steve, K4SDJ's, help with the administration and logistics.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Issue of Coastal Amateur Radio Society Newsletter

March issue of CARS Newsletter

KF4MND Working Some Amateur Satellites

My good friend Dan, KF4MND, took advantage of the beautiful weather in Southeast Georgia this weekend to do some outdoor operating over in Glennville. Here are some shots of his setup working some amateur satellites. Learn more at