Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ford Tri-Motor Flight

Took a flight today on one of the EAA's 1929 Ford Tri-Motor aircraft.  What a blast it was!  I took quite a few pics and some video clips which you can see below.  We flew out of Gwinnett County Airport/Briscoe Field northeast of Atlanta.  Beautiful day to fly as it was clear and about 80 degrees.  Engine start, taxi, takeoff, flight time, landing, and taxi was around 30 minutes total.  Just enough time to experience this incredible machine.  You can see more info about the Tri-Motor at the EAA website.

Pre-flight selfie

Inside the cabin
The FCC considers them an airline so they have to issue tickets

The cabin resembles a train car of the day

Inflight selfie

View out the port side at the #1 engine

Coolray Field, where the Gwinnett Braves (Atlanta triple A team) play

Post-flight selfie

Met some fellow ham operators from the Gwinnett County club who were operating a special event station to commemorate the Tri-Motor.

Our pilot giving the safety briefing.  What a gig he has!