Monday, July 13, 2009

Shuttle Endeavour Launch

Well, I've been following the launch (or lack thereof) of the Shuttle Endeavour for the last three days. It has now been delayed five times now. I went down to Titusville for the last launch and had a really good time. This launch I'm hoping to monitor tha air to ground transmissions during liftoff from right hear in Savannah. I've done it a couple of times before. Once from out at Tybee Island and once from here at the house. Once the Shuttle reaches a certain altitude we will have line of sight from here in Savannah. I'll be monitoring the air to ground comm on 259.700 using my VX-7R, my ID-800H, and my Pro-96 scanner. We'll see which one will be able to hear the best. I'll use two external antennas that are up in the trees at about 30 feet and an homebrew ground plane antenna that I have in the attic. I'll also tune the HF rig to 5.711 to try and catch the Solid Rocket Booster recovery team communications. Next lauch attempt will be on Wed, July 15th. I'll post again after the launch.