Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CARS Amateur of the Year - Mac McCormick-KF4LMT

Congratulations to Mac McCormick-KF4LMT for being voted the 2011 Coastal Amateur Radio Society's "Amateur of the Year". 
 Here are some of the things that Mac's peers recognize as some of his contributions to the art and science of our hobby.
  • Club newsletter, Groundwaves Editor
  • Facebook and Twitter administrator
  • Resident Monitoring Expert
  • B-17 Restoration Team Member
  • ADEC Georgia State Patrol
  • GA Baptist Disaster Relief Comm Team Member
  • Avid mobile DXer
  • Outstanding blogger
  • Overall Ambasador for our hobby

WW2COS Active for Pearl Harbor Day

Mac, KF4LMT at the radio operator table
We had a very successful day operating in the radio compartment of the B-17 "City of Savannah" to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. My good friend Mac, KF4LMT and I got to the museum around 0900 and connected our antennas and got the aircraft power distribution up and running.  We started operating around 1000 and made a total of 89 contacts in 21 states and Canada including seven other museums and a handful of WWII veterans. We set up the video stream once again and folks were able to watch us across the Internet.  Everything worked great today. We did have an issue with the dial lights on our BC-348 reciever. I’ll need to go back out and take it out of the case and see if we have a loose connection, cold solder joint, or bad rheostat.  I also made some headway on writing our radio operator checklist. When we were done we shut down the 12v and 24v circuits, turned off the charger, open the  external switch, disconnected our antennas and stowed our gear.

Here is a nice summary of our activities today on my cohort, Mac McCormick’s blog.

Looking forward into the radio compartment

Yours truly, K4GTM taking my turn at the mic

We got a total of 89 stations in the log today!

Took the glass faceplate off the tuning dial to troubleshoot lamp problem

Greg doing some measurements (don't let his wife see this pic!)

The museum is a popular venue for weddings.  She could be a model for some new nose art!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Enjoyed the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ceremony this afternoon at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum.  Although there were no Pearl Harbor survivors at this years ceremony, there were about a dozen WWII veterans in attendance.  The guest speaker this year was Capt. Joseph Creed, Commanding Officer of the USS Normandy CG-60, which is currently docked in the Savannah River.  Capt. Creed was accompanied by several of his officers and crew. 

A firing party from the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade did a 21 Gun Salute followed by the playing of Taps by a 3rd Infantry Division bugler.  The local Navy League chapter and Fleet Reserve Association does a great job planning and executing this event each year. 

Enjoyed seeing my good friends and fellow amateur radio operators Mac McCormick Jr, AF4KL, his wife Irene, KF4RFF, and Mac McCormick III, KF4LMT.  Mac Jr. is a retired Navy chief and a member of the Fleet Reserve Association.

Some of the crowd before the ceremony

World War II veterans recognized

Capt. Joseph Creed of the USS Normandy

Soldiers of the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade

USS Normandy CG-60 docked at the Port of Savannah
(photo courtesy of Mac McCormick III)