Saturday, November 20, 2010

New HF Antenna Up At KJ4WBF Radio Shack

After the normal Saturday morning breakfast at Sunny Side Up, Kevin-KW4B, Mark-KA4CID, and myself-K4GTM headed over to John-KJ4WBF house to string up an HF antenna. John has some nice trees that are positioned pretty well for a long wire antenna. Kevin launched some line up in the trees with his air cannon. He's getting pretty good with that thing! Once we got the G5RV hoisted up between the trees and tied off, we went in to John's radio shack and gave it a try. Mark put his Bird watt meter inline so that we could measure the SWR and everything looked fine on all of the HF bands at 80m and above. John made his first HF contact on the new radio station with an operator in Utica, NY. First of many to come I'm sure! So the station is working great, the antenna installation is very stealthy, and John's wife prepared some pulled pork sandwiches for us when we were done. It's always fun to help an new HAM get on the air!