Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 10th B-17 Restoration Work Day

Spent a few hours at the Mighty Eighth this morning after breakfast.  I met up with our active duty Air Force contingent so that they could be interviewed by the project public relations person, Dick Gorman.  Dick will be writing a nice press release highlighting the participation of the Air Force team in the restoration project.  You know, a feel good piece about current Air Force members honoring the legacy of the WWII generation of airmen by volunteering to keep thier great Flying Fortress alive for future generations to enjoy.  Possible plan in the works to have them on WTOC with Bill Cathcart in the near future.  Will need to run that past the Air Force I'm sure.

After the interview we went back down to the shop and the guys got right to work helping run some electrical wiring from a junction panel under the cockpit to some other area of the aircraft.  I spent some time with Jerry McLaughlin discussing my upcoming move to Atlanta and my plan to continue involvement in the project and how to maintain continuity on the radio compartment portion of the project.  Also spent some time with Gil who is planning to build a nice backboard of some type for us to display the ever growing number of QSL cards that we have during times that we are operating special events from the radio room. 

Dick Gorman interviewing Jason, Jacob, and Greg-W5GKB

Jacob, Greg-W5GKB, and Jason

Some of the QSL Cards that we have recieved from our special events

Friday, March 9, 2012

Visit to Georgia Tech Amateur Radio Station W4AQL

While working in Atlanta this week I had the occasion to be on the Georgia Tech campus for some training.  I texted my young friend Andrew Mullins, KI4WHN who is current attending school there.  Andrew is a member of the GA Tech Amateur Radio Club and I thought this would be a good opportunity to see him and visit this club station.  So Andrew was nice enough to meet me near Technology Center and we walked to the club station which is in the Electrical Engineering Building.  Andrew showed me around the shack and told me all about the club.  The club has a 2 meter repeater on campus and just installed a new D-Star repeater system.  Had a great time visiting with Andrew and look forward to going back again and maybe attending one of thier monthly club meetings or some other activity.

Klaus Advanced Computing Building

Antennas on the Electrical Engineering Building

Here we are.  Arriving at the ham shack.

GA Tech Ham Shack W4AQL

New D-Star Repeater Stack

My good buddy and GA Tech student Andrew, KI4WHN

Front of GTARC QSL Card

Back of GTARC QSL Card