Friday, February 25, 2011

NanoSail Visible Pass

Might be an opportunity to see a visible pass of the NanoSail-D as it passes east of Savannah on Sunday, Feb 27th.  

Amateur ham operators are asked to listen for the signal to verify NanoSail-D is operating.

This information should be sent to the NanoSail-D dashboard at:

The NanoSail-D beacon signal can be found at 437.270 MHz.

New Tower At Southside Fire Station #1

Southside Fire Station #1 has been turned into the new dispatch center for EMS since the acquisition of MedStar.  This is to be a temporary location while a new center is built somewhere on Dean Forest Rd.  This station happens to be where we have our Coastal Amateur Radio Society radio station and antenna tower.  It's also a location where we have many radio events including our annual Field Day.  The addition of the dispatch center required the installation of a new antenna tower for the department.  Here are some pictures that I took this week.



Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

Had a nice view of the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery from the top of the parking deck at Candler Hospital.  I was joined by Chris, KJ4YQB and Will, KJ4PSU.  We followed the shuttle all the way to main engine cut off and then lost it in the haze.  I had a hand held and a scanner listening for air-to-ground comms from the shuttle but didn't hear anything this time.  Kevin, KW4B and John, KJ4WBF viewed from the Tybee Pier and Ken, W4JKG also viewed from Tybee.  Mark, KA4CID viewed from Colonels Island and Mac, KF4LMT viewed and heard comms from Jekyl Island.  Always enjoy the shuttle launches.  This was the last one for Discovery and there are only two more left in the program.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NASA Feed of Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

Listen up on the 147.330 repeater on Thurs, Feb 24 for the NASA feed of the Space Shuttle Discovery launch. The feed should be active from just before noon until sometime after the launch which is at 4:50pm est.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Call Signs Are In For The Feb 15th Test Session

Here are the new call signs for the folks who tested on Feb 15th. Congratulations!

Scott Wallace, KK4AMG

John Miller, KK4AMF

Don Oberlin, KK4AMD

Fredrick Kramer, KK4AMB

Jammia Richardson Newkirk, KK4AMA

Ray Schrum, KK4AME

Mark Richmond, KK4AMC

Sunday, February 20, 2011

More New Amateur Radio Operators!

We had four more students pass the Technician Class exam over the weekend! And a couple of them came oh so close to passing the General. Congratulations to the following new HAM Radio Operators!

Matt Maulden - Technician
Nick Bacich - Technician
Sandra McKiver - Technician
Christine Hale - Technician

And we still have quite a few from the class who have not tested yet, so stay tuned for their progress.