Thursday, April 9, 2009

VHF Band Opening Tonight

Just talked to a station in Morriston, FL on 2 meters simplex. That's about 212 air miles. Not too bad. Very clear and strong signal. Robert-KJ4HAL clued me in so I tuned up to 146.450 Simplex and had a short QSO with Dave-KD4CMV. Don't you just love the physics involved in this hobby?!

Statesboro Amateur Radio Society Club Meeting

Had a great time at the Statesboro Amateur Radio Society club meeting tonight. Good group of guys. Mac-KF4LMT and Robert-KJ4HAL came along too. Had a nice dinner and a great time of fellowship with the club. The program was very good. Basically went around the room and gave each person a chance to recall thier most memorable QSO. Lots of good stories from the group assembled. Looking forward to next month.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Great CARS Club Meeting Tonight

We had a great Coastal Amateur Radio Society club meeting tonight. Jere, KT4ZB, gave an awesome presentation on band conditions, propagation, and DXing. He also provided us all with some great information about the Georgia QSO party coming up this next weekend. We also had some visitors join us at the meeting tonight. We were pleased to see Dave-KI4ROL and Nick-KJ4BSM from Bluffton. Dan-KF4MND also was there with his wife, Karen-KF4MZV, and thier daughter Maggie. Next club meeting will be on May 2nd.