Monday, July 14, 2008

July 12 ARES Station Testing

On Saturday, July 12th, several Chatham County ARES members met to test the stations of a couple of our served agencies. We met for breakfast at 0700 as we usually do on Saturday mornings then it was over to Memorial Health University Medical Center. We spent about an hour or so onsite as we setup and tested the HF and VHF rigs. Everything operated ok and we had good comm checks on 2M, 80M, 40M and 20M. After packing up the station, we moved downtown to the Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) operations center. We tested out both the VHF and the HF rigs at our station in the ops center. Got good comm checks on 2M and 40M. After testing the station we moved up to the roof of the building where we did a physical inspection of the antennas and support structure. After about an hour or so at CEMA we all went our seperate ways until next time. We plan to do periodic testing like this monthly at our various served agencies. If you would like to volunteer to become a member of ARES and use your radio skills to serve our community please contact me at

Those participating in this months testing were, Steve-K4SDJ, Susie-W4SWJ, Ed-W4MMQ, Ra-N4RVM, Mark-KA4CID, Bill-K4WP, Lester-KF4JBQ, Dustin-KI4MQD, Carl-KC4UHM, Guy-K4GTM.

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