Sunday, August 10, 2008

July 19 Installation of the CARS 146.700 Repeater

On July 19, 2008 a handful of local HAMS from the CARS club gathered to assist in the installation of the 146.700 repeater. The repeater is located at the WSAV transmitter site in Savannah, GA. Special thanks to Lowell Beckner(N4ZLJ) who is the Regional Director of Engineering for WSAV and to Ed Bigbie(W4MMQ) who is the patriarch of the local HAM community. Ed's son, Don Bigbie of Savannah Communications and his crew did a truly profession installation! More to follow when the new 70cm repeater and the new dual band antenna are installed.

Operators participating in this effort were: Lowell-N4ZLJ, Ed-W4MMQ, Steve-K4SDJ, Bill-K4WP, Ra-N4RVM, Mark-KA4CID, Guy-K4GTM

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