Thursday, November 13, 2008

Red Cross Satellite Terminal Test

This morning Steve, K4SDJ, and I had the opportunity to bring up and test the satellite terminal at the Savannah Red Cross Station K3SRC. This system is portable in nature and is designed to be easily packed up and transported to any location during an emergency response. Well, the system electronics themselves are in a portable hard case but the satellite dish is not what I would really call "portable" but it can be loaded up on a truck or ERV if needed. The station consists of the dish which is currently installed on a cement pad out back of the building near the 40 ft comm tower, an ACU (antenna control unit), a rcvr/xmit unit, a Cisco router, a Cisco wireless access point, two Cisco wireless IP Phones, two Cisco desktop IP Phones, a server, two laptops, and a small UPS. This system allows communications via satellite to a Red Cross data center where the paths to the Internet and the Public Telephone Network are. We successfully tested voice and data on all four phones and two laptops. The Red Cross has asked Chatham County ARES if we will assist them with testing this station twice per month. This was great fun and reminded me of my Air Force days!.......K4GTM

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