Monday, December 29, 2008

New Toy for Christmas

I got a nice new toy for Christmas this year. I've been wanting to get a scanner and couldn't pass up a deal at the local Radio Shack over the holidays. They had the Pro-96 Scanner at a significant discount for a few remaining in inventory. The Pro-96 is a Digital Trunking Scanner and will allow me to monitor all the local public safety traffic as well as just about anything else you can think of. I also purchased the DC power adapter and the serial cable (USB interface) to configure the scanner via software. This is a great time saver. I'm using the ARC96 software from Bu-Tel which I downloaded from thier site. I also registered on the Radio Reference website with has just an enormous amount of scanning and monitoring information. The cool thing is that the ARC-96 software will pull the local (or any other) frequencies/talkgroup information directly from the Radio Reference website and and move it into the scanner. Wow, what a great tool. I have the scanner audio jack outputting to the input of one of my computers and that in turn is outputting to my Bose Waveradio so I have greata audio here in the shack. Thanks to Mac (KF4LMT) for all of his input and expertise in the selection, configuration, and operation of my new toy. Here are a couple of relevant weblinks.

ARC96 Software at Bu-Tel website -
Radio Reference website -

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