Sunday, February 8, 2009

My first "Fox Hunt"

I participated in an amateur radio "fox hunt" last night with other members of the Amateur Radio Club of Savannah. Fox Hunting is basically another term for Radio Direction Finding where you attempt to find the source of a radio transmission. See this link for details.

Here's a nice summary from Andy, WD4AFY, who is the president of the club.

The Amateur Radio Club of Savannah had a very fun and exciting meeting February 7th. We were extremely lucky to get seating in the banquet room thanks to Calvin, at Barnes Restaurant. We ordered our meal and while awaiting for the food to arrive, we briefly addressed club business. At the conclusion of the meal, Kurt Hoffman, N4CVF, was designated as the "fox."

Kurt, N4CVF, left the restaurant, found a decent hiding place, and began to make periodic transmissions. The hunt was on. After about 40 minutes, team Guy McDonald, K4GTM and Robert Owen KJ4HAL, found the elusive "fox," first. Congratulations!!!!!! This was their first ever "fox hunt." The other teams followed shortly thereafter. Because of the late hour, it was decided not to do a second hunt.

Thanks go to everyone who participated. Those that were not at the meeting and the "fox hunt" missed out on a great time.

Andy Blackburn, WD4AFY
ARCS President

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