Saturday, March 7, 2009

Technician Class Session #3

We held session #3 of our Technician class this past Thursday evening. Kevin, WD0GFG, taught the class this week as I was attending the Advanced Weather Spotter class at CEMA. He finished up the antenna section from subelement T9 and then covered Operating Practices, Station Setup and Operation, and Special Operations. Kevin brought in some equipment to show as well. He had an HF rig, an antenna tuner, his Arrow J-pole on a homebrew mast, and some other stuff. I stopped by after the spotter class and we put my antenna analyzer on his LMR feedline and J-pole to test the feedline and determine where the antenna was resonate. Next Thursday is the final session and we will cover Emergency and Public Service Communications, Electrical and RF Safety and then do a class review. I think everyone will be ready to test on Mar 14th.

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