Saturday, April 4, 2009

2 Meter Band Opening Tonight

Got a nice 2 meter band opening this evening. Dan, KF4MND, made us aware of the opening and several of us moved over to the KG4PXG repeater which is just south of Brunswick about 70 miles from Savannah. All of the following stations were able to get into it. Mark-KA4CID from Richmond Hill, Mark-KD4PDX from Savannah, Dan-KF4MND from Long County, Lee-KJ4KEK from Baker County Florida, and Ray-KI4MCN from Banburg County SC. So I think we had about 200 miles between the northern most station and the southern most station. The repeater belongs to Worth-KG4PXG and it operates at 31 watts and the antenna is up at 155 feet. As the night wore on Dan and I were both even able to hit that repeater with handhelds at 5 watts!

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