Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Radio Highlights

I had a few firsts on the radio this weekend. I made a contact with 5X1NH-Nick in Uganda on 20 meters. My deepest hop into the African continent so far. Got my first ever contact to Australia with VK2GWK-Henk near Sydney on 20 meters. Also had my first ever AM DX contact with XF3PAS-Alberto in Cozumel, Mexico on 20 meters. Thanks to Mac-KF4LMT for the tip on the AM station.

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KA4CID said...

Nice Work Guy! I hate that I missed the AM oportunity. I'm listening to that station now but there is a HUGH pileup on USB. You know how much I like AM but when I got the e-mail the pileup had already begun.