Thursday, May 21, 2009

General Class Session #2 Tonight

Well, we completed session #2 of the General Class tonight. Boy was it a doozy. We put into practice some of that math that we discussed last week. Tonight we covered:

- Basic Components
- Components in series and parallel
- P-P, RMS, power
- Transformers and Impedance
- Reactance and Resonance
Lot's of formulas involved in the calculation of the values of various electronic components and the calculation of Power and RMS. Boy am I wore out. It's tough to teach this stuff and make it interesting and understandable to the lay person. I hope I did ok. Fortunately there are only a few questions on the test for this section but you gotta go thru it. It's the fundamental stuff for how all this magic works. The next two weeks should be much easier to teach and to learn.

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