Friday, May 1, 2009

High Sierra Sidekick Mobile HF Antenna Installation

Well, I recieved all the parts and pieces for my new HF Mobile antenna this week and have had a great time installing it over the last few afternoons. It's proven to be a little more involved than I expected and I'm still not finished! I did get all of the cabling and everything run, the antenna mounted and the radio installed in time to make a few contacts on Thursday evening. Very nice. First contact was to a station in Texas and then my first DX contact was to a station in Italy. SWR is great and everything seems to be operating well. Still got a bit of work to do to abate the RFI noise that I'm getting while the engine is running. I expect I'll need to do some more bonding and perhaps install a few chokes. Once I get all of that done then I can "pretty up " the installation and get everything looking good. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures.

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