Saturday, August 29, 2009

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

Stayed up to follow the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery last night at 11:59 est. Watched NASA TV on the web while listening to the Solid Rocket Booster Recovery team on 7.833 Mhz. The Echolink feed of the shuttle audio was not working last night so Dan-KF4MND pointed his node to the 147.330 repeater so that we could all follow things on our radios. Had quite a few operators positioned around town to monitor the comm and view the launch. I monitored from the QTH here in Sandfly and was able to hear some of the air to ground transmissions. Mac-KF4LMT monitored from his QTH near Bacon Park and was able to copy all of the air to ground transmissions from his monitoring post. Kevin was out on Tybee Island with his astronomy club and was able to observe the shuttle as it ascended up the east coast. Paul-KJ4FAV was at Fort Pulaski and also had a good view. Bob-W4WTO was on Wilmington Island and also observed the launch. Dan-KF4MND also saw the launch and copied the air to ground from all the way inland in Long County. Interesting note......three of the astronauts on Discovery are HAMs.

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