Friday, September 18, 2009

Technician Class Week 2

Great class on Thursday evening. We picked up two new students to take us to a total of nine in this class. We had a very busy lesson this week dealing mostly with feedlines, antennas, propagation, and such. Kevin-KW4B did a great job with propagation and sunspots. Everyone did real well. Lots of great questions and awesome discussion! I gave everyone a copy of the W5YI test generating software and hopefully they will have a chance before next week to take a number of practice tests. We filled up every single minute of the 3 hours and spilled over a few. Most folks even hung around for a while afterward talking about radio and stuff. What a really great group of folks. Next week we tackle "Communicating with other HAMs" and Licensing Regulations". Thanks to Tom-K4GIV for sitting in again this week.

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