Friday, November 13, 2009

Savannah Area Veterans Day "Vet Net"

We commemorated Veterans Day here in Savannah by holding a special net on Nov 11th. We called this the "Vet Net". Don't think that we've ever done anything like that around here before. The net started at 2100 on the ARCS 146.970 repeater with me assuming network control station duties. What a great time we had as we learned about the military service of several of our fellow HAMs. As each operator checked in they told us a little about the time that they spent in the military. We used the following template:

- Callsign
- Name
- Branch of service
- Rank
- Years served
- Job (MOS, AFSC, Specialty)
- Countries served in, other notable facts or memories

It was so interesting to listen to the wide range of experience. We also had folks check in to pay tribute to family members who have served or are serving. What a great gathering of patriots!

We had a total of 26 checkins and of the 16 veterans who checked in, we had six Army, five Air Force, three Navy, one Marine, and one Coast Guard. You'll never believe this but what a special treat it was when we had a veteran check in aeronautical mobile! Yup, Terry-N7RUE was traveling "Space A" on a military transport that was passing about 50 miles off the coast of Georgia on the way to MCAS New River, NC. Terry was coming in loud and clear on his handheld from the aircraft. Terry mentioned that he had checked with the aircraft commander for permission to use his radio and that he had gotten the ok. Wow, a veteran, aeronautical mobile, on a military aircraft, checking in to our "Vet Net"!! We couldn't have planned that if we tried. How will we be able to top that next Veterans Day?

Here is a list of our veterans who checked in. God Bless one and all!
Mac-AF4KL - US Navy
Ryan-AJ4MY - US Coast Guard
Dan-KF4MND - US Army
Peter-KJ4FAW - US Army
Paul-KC2NYU - US Navy
Andy-KJ4ABR - US Air Force
Ken-KI4TYO - US Army
Ken-W4JKG - US Air Force
Bill-KC4HXJ - US Army
Tom-K4GIV - US Marine Corps
Joe-KI4DZK - US Air Force
Bill-KT4KH - US Army
Doug-KF4EFP - US Air Force
John-KI4VVW - US Navy
Terry-N7RUE - US Army
Guy-K4GTM - US Air Force

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Joshua said...

Hey guy this is Josh...I wish that i could have been around and on the net for that one.