Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief Communications

Have spent most of Tuesday evening monitoring various HF nets supporting emergency communications for the earthquake in Haiti. A SATERN Net has been active on various freq on 20, 40, 80 meters. Also monitoring the International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC) Echolink Net which KF4MND is re-transmitting on the 442.700 repeater via his node and the W4SGA node. Mac-KF4LMT is monitoring for Coast Guard and other military traffic. We are also posting frequencies and website addresses on our newly created radio club Facebook page called Coastal Amateur Radio Society.


Anonymous said...

what are you hearing about radio gear and antennas being sent to Haiti for this disaster?

Mark, K1RX

Anonymous said...

Can you post a link to the facebook page? I have have Haitian friends desperate for news from family. If ANYONE can post any streaming frequencies, please do so.

K4GTM said...

On Facebook, you can follow our updates at a page called Coastal Amateur Radio Society. Haven't heard about any coordinaton for movement of radio gear or antenna systems.