Saturday, February 20, 2010

Successful Amateur Radio Test Session

We had a very successful exam session today here in Savannah with six students from our recent Technician class all passing the exam.  Congratulations folks!  Special recognition to Al Lucas who passed the Technician and the General exams all in one sitting!  We also had a young man from Jacksonville who made the trip up here to test and he passed as well.  And we had another person, Hector, who passed the upgrade to General.  We'll be having another test session in March for those folks who were in the class but were unable to test today. 

Here's a list of the new and upgraded HAMs.

Arthur DeMarchis  -  Techician
Patricia Gibbs  -  Technician
Freddy Fairman  -  Technician
Rose Larkin  -  Technician
Charles Seyle  -  Technician
Cameron Bolduc  -  Technician
Al Lucas  -  Technician then upgrade to General
Hector Eide  -  General

Thanks a bunch to our Volunteer Examiner team of Steve - K4SDJ, Ra - N4RVM, and Bill - K4WP.

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