Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Georgia QSO Party

Had a great time over the weekend as our club competed in the Georgia QSO Party from our station at the SSFD.  Folks started showing up around 0800 and we got to work getting the station ready and hoisting up a couple of dipoles for 40m and 80m.  Had everything tested and ready to go by the contest start time of 1400.  We even had time to do a little training of some of our new HAMs and let them get on the air for the first time.  We had many operators come and go throughout the day.  Several of us stayed and operated all the way till midnight.  Lot's of fun. 

Steve-K4SDJ and Kevin-KW4B showed up around 0800 on Sunday ready to kick things back off at 1000. We operated all through the day on Sunday until the contest end time of 2000. It was a good contest as our club multi-operator station racked up around 250 contacts and Guy-K4GTM's station got close to 100 contacts. Many other club members operating from home during the contest as well.

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