Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010 B-17 Radio Work Day

Steve-K4SDJ, Carroll-WX4Y, and I spent some time today working on the B-17 project at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum. We finalized our antenna placement for the upcoming special event station on Armed Forces Day and next week we will be installing some pulleys and line on a couple of the light posts. This will allow us to hoist up our long wire antenna for HF operation.

Carroll and I also spent some time today performing an alignment on the various stages of the BC-348 Receiver. Carroll thinks we may have greatly increased the receiver sensitivity with this simple alignment. Can't wait to hook the antenna up again and test it out.

We're planning to have this reciever running at the special event station for the public to listen to.

We've also been given the okay by the museum to assess the condition of another BC-348 receiver that is currently on static display. The museum has had the reciever for about 10 years and has no idea of it's history or current condition. We'll fix that! We hope to get our first look inside the radio next week.

What a fun project.

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