Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19 Antenna Work at the CEMA EOC

Had breakfast with some of the guys this usual. Then over to the CEMA EOC to install a new HF antenna. We also installed a new Kenwood Dual Band radio and tested it as well as a new LDG Z-11 Pro auto tuner for the TS-2000.  Once we had the new G5RV antenna installed we hooked things up and tested it with the new tuner and the TS-2000.  Tuned up fine and recieved well on all bands.  No one one really on the bands this morning to test with but we did make contact on 40 and 20 with John-N2DRL in Midway.  I'll go back out there one day this week and check in to the Georgia Traffic Net and get some reports.  Thanks to Steve-K4SDJ, Kevin-KW4B, Mac-KF4LMT, Mark-KA4CID, and Dustin-KI4MQD.  Shoulda taken a few more pics at the EOC but K4GTM

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