Sunday, August 29, 2010

CEMA Enters into Operating Condition 4

Savannah, GA – August 29, 2010 – 12:00 PM
At 11:00 AM, Hurricane Earl was located near Latitude 17.2 North, Longitude 58.4 West or about 1,650 statute miles SE of Chatham County and was moving toward the W at 17 mph. A gradual turn to the WNW with a gradual decrease in forward speed is expected over the next several days. However, due to the storm’s proximity and frequent changes in the forecast track over the last several advisories, CEMA is advancing to Operating Condition (OPCON) 4.

OPCON 4 is the advanced stage of readiness and indicates the storm is approximately 120 hours away from Chatham County. This action is precautionary, and all interested parties are encouraged to monitor this storm through local media and internet resources.

A thorough check of emergency supplies and evacuation plans is in order. Emergency response agencies should review hurricane plans and determine the availability of assets, resources and personnel. Those agencies that have the responsibility to share information should be doing so at this time.

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