Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Started New Amateur Radio License Class

We started a new amateur radio license class here in Savannah on Jan 25th.  Kevin-KW4B and I are teaching another Technician class.  I think we have a total of 28 registered and we had around 24 in attendance last night!  That's a pretty big class.  We have students from a wide range of backgrounds.  From teachers to students to engineers to healthcare workers to retirees.  In fact two of my own harmonics (children) are in the class!  Charlotte who is 15 and Jackson who is 13.  I can't wait till they get thier license! 

Most folks seem to be interested in the emergency communications aspect of amateur radio.  Pretty good reason.  In addition to teaching the students what they need to know to pass the FCC license exam, we will also expose them to all of the various facets of our hobby.

Can't wait till next week to dive into Electricity, Components, and Circuits.

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