Friday, February 25, 2011

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

Had a nice view of the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery from the top of the parking deck at Candler Hospital.  I was joined by Chris, KJ4YQB and Will, KJ4PSU.  We followed the shuttle all the way to main engine cut off and then lost it in the haze.  I had a hand held and a scanner listening for air-to-ground comms from the shuttle but didn't hear anything this time.  Kevin, KW4B and John, KJ4WBF viewed from the Tybee Pier and Ken, W4JKG also viewed from Tybee.  Mark, KA4CID viewed from Colonels Island and Mac, KF4LMT viewed and heard comms from Jekyl Island.  Always enjoy the shuttle launches.  This was the last one for Discovery and there are only two more left in the program.