Wednesday, June 29, 2011

B-17 Radio Compartment Progress

Spent a couple hours at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum this afternoon working on the radio compartment of our B-17.  Got the two new Kenwood amateur radios and the 12v power distribution panel installed under the radio operators table.  Thanks to Bob MacDonald for his help in getting everything mounted.  Once Jeff and Rocky get the 12v and 24v power terminal strips and the battery system is installed, we'll be ready to power up the radios.  We also hope to install and power up the BC-348 Reciever in the next week or so. 

Steve, K4SDJ and Bill, K4WP installed the PL-259 connectors on the antenna feedline coax.  The coax is now run from the radio compartment out through the left wing where it will exit and be run through the external wall of the building.  We plan to go back out to the museum on Saturday and solder the connectors.
Bill, K4WP installing the PL-259 connectors on our antenna feedline
Underneath the radio operator table before HAM radio installation

Bob MacDonald preping the brakets for the HAM radio gear

Bob MacDonald installing the brakets for the HAM radio gear

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