Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Closer To Transmitting from "The City of Savannah"

Did a few more things today to get ready for our first official transmission from the radio compartment of the B-17.  Spent some more time with Jeff Hoopes who is installing all of the electrical distribution which makes it's way from the battery system under the cockpit through various switches, relays, and fuse panels back to our terminal strip in the radio compartment.  Got sidetracked talking with Jeff about both of our military time in the 80's flying into places like the Azores and Iceland.  Turns out we both spent time at both places right about the same time.  Ahh, the good ol Cold War days.  He was Navy but I forgive him.

I got the coax feedline routed to the amateur radio gear and secured to the bulkhead.  Will finish up the power distribution tomorrow.

Spent some time with Bruce the Facilities Manager of the museum learning how to operate the lift that he got for us to use.  This big piece of equipment is awesome.  Hope I can remember all of the controls tomorrow when we use it to reach the top of the light posts where we will install our antenna supports and pulleys. 

Also talked with one of the amateur radio operators in Shreveport who is going to set up a radio station in front of the B-17 at the Eighth Air Force Museum at Barksdale AFB next Wed.  We plan to make contact with them for our first official transmission.  The two museums have formed a relationship as they both have B-17 restoration projects in the works and they both highlight the great legacy of the Eighth Air Force.  The Shreveport Amateur Radio Association are really excited about making contact with us.  I'll be coordinating times and frequencies with Mike Hawkins, KF5FCY as we get closer to the event next Wed.  We can't thank these guys enough for stepping up to give us a hand with this project. 

Will post another update after tomorrows work.

Coaxial cable antenna feedline routed from inside left wing up through radio room floor to under radio operators table

Another view of coax

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