Monday, August 22, 2011

ARES Preparations for Possible Hurricane Irene Communications Support

In preparation for a potential impact from Hurricane Irene here in Chatham and surrounding counties, we've contacted our local served agencies(CEMA, Red Cross, Memorial, Candler) to let them know we are standing by to provide communications support. And we tested the radio systems at each location today. We are in touch with NWS Charleston and the statewide ARES groups are standing by to support us as needed. For now, we'll continue to monitor the hurricane, stay in touch with our local served agencies, and prepare for posible evacuation. If the time comes, we'll evacuate like most everyone else, possibly providing comm support along the evauation routes. Once the all clear is given, we'll return to the area and provide any needed communications support based on storm damage, etc. If a local weather net is required in Chatham and surrounding counties before the storm we will meet on our primary frequency of 146.970 (123 PL) or backup of 147.330 (203.5 PL). If repeaters are not available we will meet on 146.550 simplex. Counties to our west or outside the impacted area please be prepared to help us with information that we may not have access to due to power outages or communications failures. If needed we will communicate via HF on 3.975. Coastal Counties join us on Thursday at 8:00pm on 146.970 for our weekly ARES net where we are sure to have more solid information.

Guy McDonald, K4GTM

DEC Southeast District

ARES Emergency Coordinator

Chatham County GA  

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