Sunday, November 4, 2012

Operation Red Bird II Commex ARES Support

We had a successful exercise at Fort Stewart and Clay Natl Guard Center yesterday. We worked with the GA Natl Guard and GA State Defense Force to test various methods of sending messaging between the two locations. Thanks to Dan Scott-KF4MND and Greg Bandish-W5GKB for their help with me at the Fort Stewart side and to the Cobb County ARES team at the Dobbins ARB side. Here's a diagram of our net along with some pictures from the Fort Stewart location.

Guy McDonald, K4GTM
ADEC Metro Atlanta ARES

Dan Scott - KF4MND

Georgia State Defense Force TOC

Guy McDonald - K4GTM sending a message via PSK-31

Guy McDonald - K4GTM and Greg Bandish - W5GKB "tailgating".

Georgia State Defense Force Trailer

Dan Scott - KF4MND

Greg - W5GKB and Guy - K4GTM discussing D-Star configuration issues

PSK-31 Message from Cobb County ARES team at Clay National Guard Center

GA State Defense Force personnel practice loading an unloading litters onboard a Blackhawk

Guy and Greg operating

Guy McDonald - K4GTM sending a message from Fort Stewart to Clay National Guard Center

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