Saturday, February 21, 2009

Informal ARES Weather Net

We had some bad weather across Georgia on this past Wed evening. A statewide Georgia ARES Weather Net was activated on 3975 and I checked in to let Net Control know that we were standing by here in Chatham County. As it turns out we didn't get any significant action here in Savannah. But we did take the opportunity to pull together an informal ARES weather net for practice. We started off around 8:00pm or so and had operators check in from all over Chatham and surrounding counties. Operators reported thier name, callsign, location, and spotter number if available. We had around 25 checkins which was great for a "no notice" net. This also gave us the opportunity to leverage the newly operational Savannah Echolink node on the 146.700 repeater. We were able to monitor the Georgia Skywarn Echolink Node and even connected to it briefly to provide the information on the 146.700 repeater. We quickly tore this connection down as not to interfere with the emergency traffic. We will test this functionality again to be sure we are ready for the next event. As the EC for Chatham County, I want to thank all of the operators who took the time to participate. We can not practice too much. Remember.....When all else fails.......Amateur Radio!

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