Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just Started a Technician Class Course

The Coastal Amateur Radio Society (CARS) started a new Technician level class on Feb 19. The class will run for four consecutive Thursday evenings and will be followed by a VE Test Session on Mar 14th. We had seven students and are expecting one or two more next week. Kevin Bell (WD0GFG) and I are teaching the class this time and giving Ken (W4JKG), a well deserved break! The first session went extremely well and the students all seemed to be interested and excited about the hobby. My son, Jackson, is in the class and he is really into it. He's been studying hard and looks forward to getting his license. Kevin knocked out FCC Rules, Station License Responsibilities, Control Operator Duties, Communications Modes and Methods, and Radio Waves and Propagation in the first session. Next week I'll tackle Radio and Electronic Fundamentals, and Antennas. We'll see how much I can remember from my Air Force basic electronics training 28 years ago!

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