Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mar 21 ARES Station Testing

We held our periodic Served Agency Station Testing and Familiarization Training today at the Savannah Red Cross. We have built a nice little station there and I always look forward to operating it. We met over there after breakfast this morning and it was the first exposure to the station for many of the HAMs in attendance. So we did a tour of the station and explained the layout of all of the equipment. We also showed everyone the VHF and the HF antennas as well as the satellite dish. Steve, K4SDJ, got some good comm checks and we wrapped things up and called it a day. Thanks to the following folks for participating:

Steve - K4SDJ
Doug - KF4EFP
Mac - KF4LMT
Melissa - KJ4HAI
Guy - K4GTM
Michael Burke - Soon to be HAM

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