Saturday, November 13, 2010

2010 Savannah Area Veterans Day Net (Vet Net)

The 2010 Savannah Area Vet Net was great.  We had a total of 19 checkins including 14 veterans.  Seven Army, six Air Force, and one Navy.  It was great to hear about everyones time in the military and about all of the family members who have served or are currently serving.  Here is a list of the vets and thier branch of service.

AF4KL - Navy
W4REQ - Army
WA0CGZ - Air Force/Army
W4JKG - Air Force
W4OQV - Army
WN4Q - Air Force
KJ4BSM - Army
KJ3FFD - Air Force
KJ4WBF - Air Force
KJ4FAW - Army
KF4MND - Army
KI4FJO - Army
K4GTM - Air Force

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Mark Bolton said...

What a great idea! Sure hate that I missed this one (and the net last year too.) I really hated I was not here to participate. We were touring the new Harry Potter park at Universal Studios with Master Nicholas. Check me in as Army (1974 - 1977) Active duty followed by 3 years inactive reserve. Spent most of my time in northern Greece as a radio team leader at a nuclear weapons site. (You can still see the bunkers on Google Earth!)