Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Congratulations to Dustin Hetzel, KI4MQD. Recognizing what Amateur Radio can do for the community, he has included ARES in many CEMA activations and invited ARES to take part in training operations.

From the Chatham County Emergency Management Website:

On November 9, 2010, two CEMA Staff members received awards from the Emergency Management Association of Georgia (EMAG). Assistant Director Dennis Jones received the President’s Award for outstanding support and leadership for his efforts to lead EMAG in assuming direction and coordination for the 2010 State Emergency Management Conference. “While the top of the water seemed smooth as glass, we were working our hardest to manage the turbulence underneath. The success of the conference is directly related to Dennis’ leadership,” said EMAG President Kenny Calhoun.

Emergency Management Specialist Dustin Hetzel received the Jack Hobb’s Award for his support and dedication to the Amateur Radio Community throughout Chatham County and Coastal Georgia. Dustin was signaled out for his efforts to work closely with regional amateur radio groups and to coordinate effective partnerships between the groups and the emergency management community.

“CEMA is indeed fortunate to have staff with a level of dedication, knowledge and commitment that is so far above the norm it is recognized at the state level for its excellence,” said CEMA Director Clayton Scott.

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