Tuesday, March 15, 2011

April 9th Area HAM Tailgate Session and GA QSO Party

Hello fellow HAMs,

Just a reminder of our multi-club tailgate swap and sell on Saturday, April 9th at Grayson Stadium in Savannah. Bring anything and everything that you'd like to swap or sell and let's find new homes for all that unused radio gear! Since this is also Day 1 of the Georgia QSO Party, many folks will be planning to set up stations and operate throughout the day. Bring all the normal stuff that you'd bring for field operations. Bob, W4WTO has coordinated the venue and passing on the following details. Great opportunity for all you new HAMs to meet other folks in the area and maybe pick up some pre-owned radio gear. Spread the word. Hope to see everyone there. Let me know if you have any questions.

1- Hours of operation: 0800 to 2000 Hrs. (no overnight ops).

2- Tailgating/swap/sell AOK (no commercial vendors).

3-Cooking out on a portable grill AOK.

4- Use of upper stadium seating area for antenna support to flag ploes AOK (roof has been condemned so NO access to top of roof as in last time).

5- Bathroom facilities in stadium AOK.

6- Metal 807's AOK if consumed discretely.

7- Tables, chairs pop up tents, etc. AOK.

8- Multiple Club participation AOK.

9- Club members working to get out the message AOK!

73, Bob, W4WTO

Guy McDonald, K4GTM
President, Coastal Amateur Radio Society

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