Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SignaLink Install

Ordered a SignaLink USB sound card from Tigertronics the other day so I can more easily run digital modes on the HF radio.  I've been running digital on HF and VHF for quite a while now using the "acoustic coupling" method.  Always worked fine but really a pain in the butt having to hand key the mic while holding up to the computer speaker.

So the SignaLink arrived today and I finally got around to installing it this evening.  Pretty simple really.  Just opened the case and installed the jumper wires to match the pin out of the mic connector on my Kenwood TS-430.  Put the case back on then connected the mic cable from the radio to the SignaLink, and then the USB cable from the computer to the SignaLink, then an audio cable from the radio speaker jack to the SignaLink and then an external speaker to the SignaLink AUX jack.

Next, I configured the audio settings on the computer and then on the FLDGI digital program that I use.

Time for the smoke test.  I turned on the unit and audio was passing thru the SignaLink just fine.  Good receive out of the gate.  Next to test the transmit side and be sure that the FLDIGI program would key the radio and pass audio tones.  Almost perfect the first time!  Just a slight adjustment on the TX Level knob to lower mic gain and as a result the transmit power out.

This unit will be a great complement to the radio station.

With case off and just installed the red jumpers to match the mic pin out on my TS-430

Initial cabling up for testing

Cabled up real pretty in the ham station

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have the TS-430s. In your last image, it looks like you still have the Mic attached? Is it possible to key the mic and talk voice with the signalink inline too?