Sunday, August 4, 2013

WW2COS Activation for the Annual Eighth Air Force Historical Society

We had a great time on July 23 activating the "City of Savannah" radio room to celebrate the annual reunion of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society.  Got to play on the aircraft as well as mingle with many brave airmen who flew these birds during WWII.

It was a great day with fellow radio operators Bill DeLoach-K4WP, Mac McCormick-KF4LMT, and Peter Levesque-KJ4FAW.  Appreciate their help in setting up, operating, and tearing down radio station WW2COS.

Looking forward to the next activation perhaps on Sept 14th to celebrate the USAF birthday.

Guy McDonald, K4GTM
"City of Savannah" Radio Team Crew Chief

With the chin turret 

Displaying some of the wood work

Rocky-Crew Chief and electrician, Peter-Radio Operator, Jerry-Project Manager

I ran a wireless video feed from the radio room to the monitor in the combat gallery

Radio room volunteers Bill-K4WP and Peter-KJ4FAW

Some of the QSL cards from stations we've made radio contact with over this past year

Bill-K4WP working the radios


Our beautiful BC-348 Receiver

Some of the Historical Society members arriving at the museum

Members of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society being welcomed

Members of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society as viewed from the cockpit

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Jspiker said...

It was a pleasure to work your station (WW2COS) on Nov 11, 2014. I was operating portable from Hurricane WV with 10m watts SSB. Thank you all for your service to our country in WW2!