Monday, May 3, 2010

May 1, 2010 Scout Event and GA Baptist Communications Unit Testing

About a dozen Savannah and Statesboro area HAMs participated in another 100th Anniversary of Scouting event this past weekend.  Philip-KA4KOE did another great job of coordinating our radio operations with this activity.  We had three amateur radio stations set up to demonstrate to the scouts.  Many of them are working on earning thier radio merit badge.  We had a nice variety of radios and antennas in operation.  Philip secured the Special Event Callsign W4S (We're 4 Scouting) once again to identify our operation.

We were also able to arrange to bring the Georgia Baptist Disaster Releif Communications Unit 5C to the event as well.  This unit is prepositioned at the Statesboro Airport and ready for activation and deployment in the event the Georgia Baptist Convention is called to respond to support disaster relief activities.  We like to test the unit periodically and provide familiarization training to new members of the ministry.  So it worked out real well to bring it to the scouting event and show it off while we performed our periodic testing. 

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