Saturday, May 8, 2010

Very Special Contact During Today's Special Event

During today's special event at the benefit for a wounded warrior we had a very special contact with the son of a WWII B-17 pilot.  Rick-N2ETJ heard us talking about next weeks special event station that we are having at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum and told us about his father, Raymond Firmani, who completed 25 combat missions in the B-17 as a pilot in the 8th Air Force.  Wow, this is awesome considering our current work on restoring a B-17 and it's radio compartment at the museum.  Ricks father is still alive and is in his 90s.  The staff at the museum would sure love to talk to Mr. Firmani as they continue to chronical the history of the 8th Air Force.  Rick is planning to make contact with our station, W2W, next Saturday.  We'll see if there might be a way to coordinate for Mr. Firmani to talk with the museum historian.  Rick sent us this picture of his dad's "shadow box" of pictures, insignia, and medals.  Thanks Rick!

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